places of interest

Baznycios st. 1, Sveksna

Two-towered, red-brick church in Sveksna town was built in 1905. Church is famous for its impressiveinterior, exterior andhistory. This isone of the highest Lithuanian churches, it stowers reach even 65 meters.

Parko st. 4, Sveksna

Sveksna Manor house is in Sveksna town. It was built in 1880. There is an impressive park around, where you can find a sundial, the statue of the goddess Diana in a pond on the island, as well as a water mill and other farm buildings. 

Baznycios st. 9A, Sveksna

Sveksna Museum today is located in the high school building. The Museum has 4 different exhibition halls at the moment: ethnography, archeology, Sveksna Manor house and town history.

Vilkeno st. 8, Sveksna

Café – bar “Viesulas” is located near the one of the most spectacular parks in Lithuania, which was established by the Counts Pliateriai in the middle of the XIX century. Café – bar offers a dish “A carp with peas”. According to the traditions of the counts, it is served with peas, but not with potatoes. 

Koplycios st., Inkakliai

Inkakliai village community is very proud ofthe Lourdes Grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary statue and the chapel on the top of the hill. 

Virkytai Village 1

The Winery of Česlovas Ramoška is the first and the only one family winery in Lithuania so far. The status of national heritage is assigned to all the types of wines produced by Česlovas: blackcurrant, aronia, Tatjana’s, raspberry, apple, and quince. Wine tasting events are organized in the winery and led by the hostess Tatjana as well. 

Kursiu st. 8, Kintai

Café “Kuršiai“ is located in the center of Kintai. It occupies the building where Kintai bank and pharmacy were formerly located. The founder of the café uses old recipes, which were also used by the wives of the local fishermen, in order to prepare dishes. Café “Kuršiai“ offers a fish dish called “Potatoe-crusted fish” for the touring route “Divyčio kelias“. 

“The great thuja” is impressive growth of the size thuja with two strains, which is located in Kintai town, behind forestry building. The height of this thuja is 18 meters. 

Kursiai st. 22, Kintai

Vydūnas museum in Kintai is the only place in Lithuania, where the biggest collection of his creation and life facts exhibits are kept. The museum also collects artifacts that tells the story of Kintai, Pomeranian and Small Lithuanian main stages of the history.

Povilu st. 11, Kintai

UAB “Kintai” is situated in Nemuno delta regional park. It is surrounded by the river Minija on one side and large ponds on the other. Café offers a traditional fish soup of Silutė district called “Fisherman’s soup”. This dish is made from the fresh fish that is grown by the owners.