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The winery of Česlovas Ramoška is the first winery in Lithuania which has received the status of national heritage for the wines it produces. It means that this family winery makes wines using traditional technologies, traditional raw materials, supplements, and equipment. This status is given to all the types of wines produced by Česlovas: black currant, aronia, raspberry, apple, and quince. Wine is made according to the old Lithuanian traditions and more than 100 years old family recipe. Fruits and berries that are used in the production of wine are grown in the ecological farm, picked by hand, and carefully selected. The winery of Česlovas Ramoška is located in more than 100 years old farmstead, Silute district, not far from the town Sveksna.

Winemaker Česlovas Ramoška produces natural wine from fruits and berries. The wine is considered natural when it is made by fermenting pure berry juice, without adding any supplementary substances that cannot be found in juice. According to Č. Ramoška, it does not matter whether wine is made from grapes or berries because wine-making technology is the same; however, each winemaker has some secrets like a good housewife. “The initial recipe, which is closely related to the old wine-making traditions, has come from my family. However, it is used slightly differently every time because of the type of berries and their features “– says winemaker. Semi-sweet wine called “The raspberry wine of Česlovas“ is the most famous product; the third year in a row, it has been nominated as the best wine in the category of semi-sweet wines in Lithuanian Wine Championship. The “Raspberry wine” won a medal in the exhibition “Rinkis prekę lietuvišką“ (“Choose a Lithuanian product“) in 2013. The “Quince wine”, which was nominated as “The best Lithuanian sweet wine” in 2014, is chasing it rapidly several years in a row.

Tasting events are organized in the winery. They are led by the hostess Tatjana. The visitors are acquainted with the wines that have a status of national heritage and they gain some knowledge about the culture of wines, traditions, and wine-making processes. The facilities of the production of wine, equipment, and even a wine cellar is shown to the visitors as well. During the wine tasting events, the visitors have the opportunity to taste the traditional sweet cheese with cinamon and raisins.

The price for a wine bottle is 20-45 Lt. T. Ramoškienė admits that the price is not low; it is because the wine is handmade. Even though winemakers have different kinds of equipment, every bottle is touched by the producer several times. The production of wine takes a year because the majority of works are done by hand.

The hosts of the winery are also known as the owners of the ecological farm. They produce wine from ecological fruits and berries only. T. and Č. Ramoškos, who are the guardians of the national heritage, state that their wines are as valuable as babies for them.


Address: Virkytai village 1, Sveksna parish

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