There are seven lighthouses in Lithuania. First lighthouses were built in the XVIII – XIX centuries near the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon. Vente Cape lighthouse is included in the registry of Lithuanian cultural heritage. It has historical, architectural, and technical value.

Ventė is marked as one of the most dangerous places in different old maps. It was considered the “horror of all the sailors” because the dangerous rocky shoal is extended alongside Vente. It is the main reason why Ventė Cape lighthouse stands in the horn. The first wooden lighthouse in Ventė Cape was built in 1837. It was illuminated by an oil lamp. The lighthouse was surrounded by water on three sides. The present red brick lighthouse was built in 1852; it is currently under the authority of Ventė Cape ornithological station. The height of the lighthouse is 11 meters, it is distanced from the Curonian Lagoon by 30 meters, and its signal is seen from 3.5 kilometers. In order to protect the lighthouse, the horn of Ventė Cape was paved with stones in 1860. Water measuring station was built next to the lighthouse in 1880. The signal lamp of the lighthouse turns on automatically in the evening and turns off after the dawn. Alkaline accumulators are being constantly charged for this matter.

Ventė Cape lighthouse is one of the few lighthouses in Lithuania where visitors can climb up and look around. Old iron stairs, which are decorated with original ornaments, lead to the observation deck. Visitors can see Nida, which is located in the Curonian Spit and which is distanced by 12-13 kilometers to the South West, golden dunes, and Preila, which is distanced by 8.5 kilometers to the West. The main branch of Nemunas called Atmata flows into the Curonian Lagoon 3.6 kilometers to the East from the lighthouse. Ventė Cape lighthouse is a technical monument protected by the government. It is an important observation place; however, its meaning is more symbolic because shipping is not intensive in the Curonian Lagoon. The lighthouse usually shows the way for the enthusiasts of ice shipping during the winter season.

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