Uostadvario st., Rusne

Uostadvaris – a small village in Silute district municipality, located in Rusne Island, at the left side of river Atmata, nearly 8 miles away to the north-west of Rusne town. Uostadvaris is a part of the Nemunas Delta Regional Park. It is a departmental port, it‘s operator - National Inland Waterways Authority, as a result, all ships has to get a permission to stand in Uostadvaris port. At navigation time the port annually is visited by hundreds of yachts.

At the second half of nineteenth century, in 1873 – 1876, at the important shipping point, opposite for Minija river, at the shore of Atmata river, Uostadvaris lighthouse was built. Uostadvaris lighthouse once was very important for water transport. Lighthouse perfectly preserved to this date, but today it no longer works. This is - a technical historical monument, no longer used for navigation (over time it moved away about 2 miles from the Curonian Lagoon), but it serves as perfect observation deck of Rusne and Minija neighborhoods and it brings joy for a few Uostadvaris village families and many tourists. At a closer look, visitors can see the edge of Nida dunes.

Although the last lantern in the lighthouse has long been fade away, the lighthouse is really worth to see. The lighthouse is 18 meters height, regular octagon-shaped, with red-brick walls, which are decorated with the edge of the green glazed bricks. There are 48 concrete staircase inside it, which lead to the lantern room, which is an accessed to the observation deck. Uostadvaris lighthouse is linked to the keeper's house, which is characterized as residential Rusne neighborhoods house. It is built on a high foundation (because of the flood), decorated with typical decorations for that time - plaster tape, decorative niches around the building and etc.

Uostadvaris lighthouse was announced as the Lithuanian cultural heritage monument in 1996. Lithuanian post has issued postage stamp with Uostadvaris lighthouse in 2003.


Uostadvaris is also known for water pumping station, which was built more than one hundred years before, in 1907 at the Vilkine River. This steam turbine pumps out excess water of meadows and flushes it toward the river Nemunas. This is the first such a structure building in Lithuania territory. This water pumping station is not only a technical historical monument, but also valuable and architecturally. The building is a perfect example as a regional historical architecture of those times. There was built a new water pumping station in soviet times, but it has been designed without thinking about environmental damage, while the old station was organic. Nowadays, this station has become as Šilutė polder museum, where visitors can find how people were fighting with excess water. Nearby, power plant is located, which was reconstructed in 2007. It is a modern water pumping station, which annually helps to drain lands of Rusne Island. 


Address: Uostadvario st., Rusne

Coordinates: 55°20′39.35″N 21°17′29.35″E