Povilu st. 11, Kintai

UAB “Kintai” was founded in the Nemuno delta regional park in 1922. This tourism complex is surrounded by water: there is a river Minija on one side and large ponds on the other. The company owns 600 ha of production area where such fishes as carps, pikes, catfishes, crucian carps, grass carps, and bighead carps are grown and bred. UAB “Kintai” offers a recreational fishing as well; both professionals and amateurs can fish in lakes. The company expanded its activities and the range of services in 2000 as well as established a tourism complex that provides the following services: catering, accommodation, recreational fishing, bird watching, boat rentals, hunting, and the organization of festivities and conferences.


The café of UAB “Kintai” offers a traditional fish soup of Silutė district “Fisherman’s soup” for the touring route “Divyčio kelias”. The cooking of the fish soup has always been considered a ritual by the fishermen living near the lagoon. This dish used to be sacral and even associated with particular rituals. There were strict rules for the preparation of the dish, for instance, the fish soup had to be made from fresh fish and broth had to be clear. In addition, such types of fishes as roach, bream, gudgeon, bleak, etc. were not suitable for the preparation of the dish. It was believed that fishing would not be successful and fish would start diminishing from the sea or lagoon if these rules had been violated.

The cooks of the café follow the same rules as the old fishermen when they prepare fish soup. It is very important that the fish soup would be unique in terms of both taste and cooking. UAB “Kintai” prepares the dish from its own fresh fish: carp, pike, perch, and others. The broth, whose taste depends of the diversity of fishes, has to be boiled first. The more fish is added, the more delicious fish soup. Such fishes as perch, ruffe, and pike-perch give a special taste and flavor for the fish soup. When the broth is strained off, vegetables are put in it, a pinch of salt and pepper is added, and then the dish is seasoned with dill, parsley, bay leaves, green onions, and leek.

The golden rule of the fish soup – the broth has to be clear; however, it still has to preserve its unique taste and smell.

The price of the fish soup is about 7 LTL (~2 EUR). It is an old dish of UAB “Kintai”. It is included in the menu since the opening of the café and is called “Fisherman’s soup”.


Address: Povils st. 11, Kintai

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