Sveksna Museum
Baznycios st. 9A, Sveksna

Sveksna primary school teachers were discussing about the establishment of the museum in 1921. Teacher A. Klumbys advised to start collectingexhibits. It was decided to ask for the graph Pliateris to transfer old Lithuanian grammarto the museum. Unfortunately, these ideas did not come truth.

Later, a small museum was established in the gymnasium - it was just one of a glazed window to display vintage coins, archaeological findings and other antiquities. A large part of the exhibits disappeared during the war; few exhibits were brought to later Sveksna museum.

After the war, teacher Jonas Vytautas Rupšys considerable worked in the field of local history. He organized many expeditions in Sveksna area, collected a lot of archaeological exhibits, working tools in 1957. Teacher Romualdas Pintveris established stands in school library "Sveksna Nazi occupation” and “For the Soviet government" in 1968.

Towards the schools 50th anniversary, teacher Petras Čeliauskas started to take care of establishment of the museum. The library was moved to the premises of the villa,and three rooms of the house, situated in the park, were given to the museum. The museum was opened in 1969, during the 50th anniversary of the school. After a few years, due to the poor condition of the building it had to be closed. Later, by concern of the school's principal O. Pintverienė, building was repaired: roof was fixed, showcases were made, and four rooms for exposures were equipped.

Sveksna high school museum has become a branch of Silute Museum in 1993 and was established in one of the Sveksna Manor buildings, in Sveksna Park territory, near the Catholic church and villa “Genovaite”. Since 2005 it is running in new premises – “Saule” gymnasium building. Quite a lot of the museum exhibits belonged to the Sveksna Manor. Rich, old legacy, one of the most valuable publications – Lithuanian Statute of XVII century. Museum providestourism andinformation services for Sveksna town visitors.

The Museum has 4 different exhibition halls at the moment:

  • Etnography;
  • Archeology;
  • Švėkšna Manor house history;
  • Švėkšna town history.


Adress: Baznycios st. 9A, Sveksna;

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