Parko st. 4, Sveksna

Sveksna Manor complex is located near a small river Sveksnale in Silute district, Sveksna sub district. Manor house is in a center of Sveksna town, near neo – gothic church of St. Jacob. This church and Manor house are combined by a unique two arches viaduct.

Sveksna Manor house is mentioned from the fifteenth century, town - since 1509. In 1880 Adomas Pliateris built here Sveksna Manor villa (which remains until our days), in honor of his wife and named it "Genovaite“.

During World War I, after the departure of Pliateriai, Sveksna Manor was overpowered by German officers, who damaged buildings, destroyed and broke the famous Manor "zoo."

In 1918, Lithuanian Independence era, Jurgis Pliateris came backfrom Russia to Sveksna and lived here until the beginning of Sovietization. Jurgis Pliateris had a tragic fate - he was exiled. He died in exile, buried in an unknown grave. Manor house was destroyed a lot in 1940. Bolshevik activists creating a fire in a park, burned all Sveksna Manor archive, library books. Destroyed many valuable works of art.

Accordance with the law, villa "Genovaite" was returned to Aleksandras Pliateris wife - Countess Felicija Laimė Broel – Pliateriene in 2001. She fixed all Manor buildings and park - restored the palace and established a museum.

Villa "Genovaite" is decorated with plaster moldings and painting. Elegant banquet hall with four columns, rich marbling, stucco, painting.Beams between the columns and the roof is decorated with friezes of 30 sculptures of women heads. Figure of ancient goddess Flora is painted in the center of the ceiling. At the sides – cupids strewing flowers, bearing garlands and playing with pigeons. Sveksna Manor parkwith 9.5 hectares green area, is one of the most beautiful parks in Lithuania. There are many native and exotic tree species in this park, here you can find sundial, decorative vases, sculpture of the goddess Diana (which was created by local artist VincentasJakševičius, according to JurgisPliaterisbrought forms from Paris in 1910). The vibrancy of the park is provided by a few ponds, small river.

Up to date you can find here small park architecture: the central gate of the fence, garden fence gate with stone remains, ancient Roman hunting goddess Diana statue in the larger pond on the island. The newly restored sundial, a vase on a pedestal, round observation deck with railing, stairs with vases, St.  Mary sculpture, "Angel of Freedom", footbridges.


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