Uosto st. 9, Silute

Silutė small ships harbor (Marina) is located at the western part of the Silutė city, 5 km away from Sysa river and 13 km away from Curonian Lagoon. You can easily reach Nemunas Delta Rivers, Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea.


According to the Minor Lithuania history researcher, educator and bibliophile Petras Jakštas, Silute harbor construction was started before the First World War - at the beginning of twentieth century. At that time, water road Tilze – Klaipeda was used very often. However, Silute could not take advantage of this road, because it did not have any harbor at the time, as a result, ships did not come there. Therefore, the construction of 2500 square meters area (50 x 50) and 1.82 m depth harbor was launched. Reinforced concrete quay length was 120 m. This project was initiated by vibrant district governor Dr. Peters, together with Silute city board. According to Petras Jakštas, installation work was completed only in time of war. It was necessary to deepen the old riverbed and clean-up 5 km of Sysa channel from Atmata to Silute. Silute Municipality has received an allowance from the state treasury, Gumbinė provinces and the city of Lübeck and appointed it to build Silute harbor.

The entrance of harbor square was stone-paved and it was linked by narrow railway with Silute railway station in 1918. For that reason, ships from Karaliaučius, Tilze and Klaipeda began to stop at Silute harbor. Steamers stood there in winter time. It became possible to load goods directly from the wagon to the ship and vice versa: this was a great stimulus to the development of industry and trade.

The narrow railroad served until 1939. It was served by two steam-powered locomotives, two passenger and nine freight wagons. This narrow railroad tracks were destroyed after the war: some of them were melted into the metal, some – took by local people.

The importance of commercial harbor declined during the Soviet time, the former infrastructure was neglected and deteriorated. The harbor has been renovated for several times. Part of the berths were fixed in 1975, cooperative lockers and garages were built, rest of the quay were fixed in 1983-1987. As a result, the harbor became the dock of smaller and recreational ships.


Silute district municipality received the European Union's structural funds support in 2006-2008 and implemented the project „Water tourism (recreation) infrastructure, docks and mass media installation and development in the Curonian Lagoon and the Nemunas River Delta (Silute dock (port), Kintai, Pakalne, Povilai and Minija docks) technical preparation of documents and Silute dock (port) installation”. As a result, Silute harbor reconstruction was made, which have been adapted for water tourism. The dock was rebuilt, that can hold up to 100 small ships at a time. Moreover, it was sorted out 4,7 ha of harbor area, cleaned and tuned 5 km waterway for water activities, arranged parking for 50 cars and 4 buses and boathouse was built. The harbor has a ship lifting - lowering trawl ramp and equipment, electricity, water, ballast water pumping capabilities. Ships can be held in hangar or on shore during not sailing season. Harbor offers a variety of services such as slipway, fresh water, electricity, ballast water pump out service, kitchen, laundry, WC, shower, phone, wireless internet.

The depth of harbor is 2.0 meters, Sysa river is minimum 1.5 meters depth, ship speed - 5 km/h at Sysa river and at the harbor.


“Pamarys lighthouse route” is recommended, which can be selectively overcome by ship, car or bicycle. Duration by ship from Silute harbor - about 6 hours, about 40 km.

Route: Silute - Sysa river - floodplain meadows - Atmata river - the bridge over the river Atmata – Syskrante (left side) and Sysa (right side) villages - Sysa river for rural Sysa - Krokų Lanka lake - Uostadvaris: lighthouse (1876) and water pumping station (1907) - Minija - Minge village - Upaitis - Kniaupas bay - Curonian Lagoon - Vente Cape: lighthouse and bird ringing station - Atmata river - Uostadvaris lighthouse - Sysa river - Silute harbor.

First of you go to Silutė port and get on board. Then you sail in Sysa river towards Atmata river. Then you sail in Atmata river towards Curonian Lagoon. It is about 14 km. By degrees, while looking and admiring nature, you get to Kroku Lanka lake which is on the right side.
On the left side of Atmata you can stop in Uostadvaris which is in Rusne Island. It is worth climbing to the lighthouse, which was built in 1876, and to take a look at the first water lifting station, installed in 1907. After you finish your look around, you continue your trip and exit from Atmata river to a branch of Minija river which is called Road and sail towards Minge or Minijos village, also known as Venice of Lithuania, because the village is located on both sides of the river and the only possible way to get somewhere is by boat. When you get an eyeful of Minge, by Minija you get back and turn to the right to Upaitis towards Kniaupas Gulf. From the bay you sail directly to Curonian Lagoon near Vente Cape point. Lighthouse in this place stands since 1863, because sailing in this territory was extremely dangerous for ships and rafts. In 1929, Professor Tadas Ivanauskas established a bird-ringing station in Ventė Cape, which works until nowadays. In the place where Atmata flows into the Curonian Lagoon, there is a lighthouse which marks estuary. While returning to the port by Atmata and Sysa rivers you can have an eyeful of nature.


Address: Uosto st. 9, Silute

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