Silutes st 13/ Nemuno st.. 1, Rusne

Restaurant “Prie Peterso tilto” (Next to the Peterson’s bridge) is located in the historical old post office of Rusne. The river Atmata, the torch of the famous Peterson bridge and its remnants as well as the observation tower can be seen from the windows of the post office. The post office, which is characterized as a German-style building, stood at the entrance of the bridge. The high roof of tiles emphasized the importance of this place. The county chief Peterson, whose name was given to the impressive bridge, was good for the residents of Rusne; thus, he is a very important person in this island. There is an inscription “Prie Peterso tilto” on the restored building of the old post office; thus, the owners of the restaurant did not even think about other name. As Audra Loreta Rimkienė tells, housewives remember Peterson as a good man because he brought very good and tasty potatoes as well as shared the seedlings with the locals of Rusne. People of Silute district still say that the earliest and the tastiest potatoes come from the island.


There is a rich assortment of both meat and fish dishes in the restaurant “Prie Peterso tilto”. Many of the dishes are roasted on coal; thus, they have a taste of smoke. During the warm season, grills are not only installed in the kitchen, but also in the terrace where visitors can see how dishes are prepared. Visitors can taste old traditional dishes that are typical for Silute district and Rusne.

The restaurant “Prie Peterso tilto” offers a dish “Prussian Fish” for the touring route “Divyčio kelias”. Audra Loreta prepares this dish; however, she has not seen it anywhere else. Fish, potatoes, carrots, and natural herbs are put into the clay bowl and then cream is poured. Then, cheese is sprinkled on top even though the women of this region did not do that originally. Finally, a “hat” made of yeast dough is put on and stewed in the oven. Housewives used to make a “hat” from bread dough in the past. The price of the dish “Prussian fish” is about 17 LTL (~5 EUR).


Address: Šilutės st. 13/ Nemuno st. 1 Rusnė
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