Nemuno st. Rusne

It was considered to start bridge construction through Atmata river at 1892 but it was started at 1912. Thanks to the construction of the bridge, the electric was built in Rusne town and people gained electricity. In 1914 September 1st, a formal opening of the Petersas bridge supposed to happen - the bridge had to be completed ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, the beginning of the First World War at the 1st of August, prevented the completion of last works. However, construction of the bridge was completed in 1914 October 10th.

Many people helped at the construction of the bridge, but mostly Ernst'as Ancker'is and dr. Paters took care of it. Dr. Pater‘s effort was more successful because he was a public representative at the time. Therefore, the bridge was named after Peter behalf - Peters Brucke.

During the second world war Rusne bridge remained intact, and was used for more than 30 years. While passengers had to pay for using bridge, but people always lightly remembered those who took care and constructed the bridge. Unfortunately, at the end of the war, in 1944 October, retreating Germans blew up part of the bridge. All blew bridge and metal parts were throw out to fire after the war by new Soviet hosts. According to that, Silute road running section chief got 4 years in prison and did not return to Lithuania. Handheld ferry was re-equipped, which was draged by steam tractor. And only after 30 years, current reinforced concrete bridge was built, which is 332 m long, 10 m wide and 8 m height (from the summer water level). It was built in a couple of years.

Address: Nemuno st., Rusne.

Coordinates: 55°17'54.1"N 21°22'48.5"E