Mariu st. 7, Vente village

“Ventainė” is located on the shore of the Curonian Lagoon, the peninsula of Vente Cape. Tourists can find a restaurant, 27 rooms, 10 cabins, a camping, and a sauna complex there. In addition, they can take a boat trip in the Curonian Lagoon, Nemunas, and Minija. The biggest ice skating rink is opened in winter and such entertainments as ice fishing are offered there as well. The sculptures and paintings of the participants of the symposium “Kuršių meno savaitė” can be seen in “Ventainė” as well.


There were many sweet dishes in Lithuanian Minor. Various sweets and pastries were made in confectioneries and cafés before the war. Various pies and other sweets are the exclusive dishes of Šilutė district; the traditions of the preparation of these dishes were taken from Germanic culture. One of the tastiest traditional sweets are called festive waffles (vofeliai). The restaurant “Ventainė” offers this sweet for the touring route “Divyčio kelias”. This dish is newly included in the menu of “Ventainė”; it was specially revived for the touring route “Divyčio kelias”.

In the old times, richer people (šišioniškiai) living in the Šilutė district used to sit in the courtyard near the porch, drink coffee (kafija) or tea (tija), and eat a crunchy waffle in the afternoon. German baking powder “backpulver” was used to cook them; however, local women said that they can make the same magic powder themselves. The following ingredients were needed: a teaspoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of sour salt, a teaspoon of starch, a knob of butter, sugar, wheat flour, and some sour cream. All ingredients had to be mixed and baked on the furnace. Warm and delicious festive waffles were made like this.


Address: Mariu st. 7, Ventė village

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