“Divytis road” is currently under creation of educational tourist itinerary with the main aim - to introduce Šilutė region to Lithuanian and foreign residents. This region is unique in Lithuania because of its distinctive nature, regional parks, fishing areas and intersecting two different historical cultures – Minor Lithuania and Žemaitija. It is the fishiest place in Lithuania. For this reason, it has a unique cultural fisheries and catering heritage, which is presented in tourist itinerary “Divytis road”.

Tourist itinerary “Divytis road” consists of 25 places, including 9 culinary objects, which acquaint travelers with Šilutė district typical courses – smoked fishes, which has national heritage status, traditional fish courses, fish soups, special dessert especially popular in ancient times and fruits and berry wines, which are produced in first and only family wine farm in Lithuania. Moreover, tourist itinerary “Divytis road” consists of unique and exclusive places: Švėkšna Manor house with beautiful park, impressive two-towered Švėkšna church, K. Banys ethnographical homestead – museum, Minija village which has only one street – river, Uostadvaris lighthouse, observation tower, Ventė lighthouse and ornithological station, Šilutė museum, H. Šojus Manor house and etc.

Project "Development of tourism in Šilutė region through the development of cultural heritage in the fishing and food tourist itinerary “Divytis road”, which is supported by the Republic of Lithuania and the European Fisheries Fund, is implemented by Association fishers club "Skirvytėlė” and Fisheries region local action group Public Institution “Pasienio žuvys”.