Koplycios st., Inkakliai

Inkakliai Lourdes story is really interesting, though some time has passed, and many things have been forgotten, as a result, it is quite difficult to find out the real circumstances of its construction. There have been left several versions of its occurrence.

The story says that during the reign of the Tsar, three men went home from the railway station at night time. Suddenly they saw Blessed Virgin Mary with son on the july tree, both of which were lit by the strong light. Men told this vision to Sveksna pastor, who encouraged those local residents to build aLourdes Grotto in a place of revelation.

According to another story, one man had a vision, that he was going to bind horses at the night time and suddenly noticed a light in the pit. Then, once he awaked. Next day he went to prelate J. Macijauskas and told him this story. The pastor said that this is probably the desire of Blessed Virgin Mary to be worshiped in this place.

Lourdes was built in this place, because it was the most appropriate place: the straightest path throughInkakliai village, a good place to popular May Devotions preparation, gushing wellspring. Religious idea of Lourdes was brought from France to Lithuania at the beginning of XX century. There is a version, that in case to popularize the devotion of the Blessed Virgin Mary, priest J. Maciejauskas called on local residents to set up this Lourdes Grotto in Inkakliai.

Inkakliai Lourdes construction was financed by the faithful themselves, who actively donated money when joining construction. Mostly male volunteers were working in construction, who together looked for stones, carried them and transported to a grotto. Mary statue, which is 1.8 meters tall, was carved by Jakševičiai brothers. They were famous Švėkšna carpenters. This sculpture was made ​​almost for free, they got only small amount of money by local people.

People believe that the Blessed Virgin Mary Grotto is a miracle place. According to local woman T. Šimkienė, the greatest miracle was the healing of one woman. Long time ago, when Jews were shot in the forest, one woman who lived in Veviržėnai, could not walk for a long time after the birth of her child. She asked her son to take her to the Inkakliai Lourdes Grotto. She washed her legs with the water from Grotto well and did not feel any pain after that. She came back home, stood up on her feet without any help, and began to walk. Since then, women often arrived at the Lourdes Grotto to thank for the miracle cure.

Coordinates: 55°28'46"N 21°33'55"E