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Šilutė manor house was founded in 1721, when administrative reforms were in Prussia. The great Klaipėda parish was divided into smaller parishes at that time and state - owned manor houses were set up, including Šilutė city.

Šilutė manor house was rented in 1724, in case to get more income. The person, who won rental contest, was called general tenant and became district manager – „amtmanas“. This person had to carry out district administrator functions: collect taxes, maintain tributes and other revenue accounts, exercise jurisdiction in civil subordinates and free peasants cases and etc.

The first „amtmanas“ Jokūbas Mülleris left his position in 1724 and the first general public Šilutė manor house tenant became Gottfried Sperber but he was replaced by Friedrich Werner in 1730. The former „amtmanas“ was replaced by Friedrich grandson Christoph Friedrich Radcke in 1752 and he was replaced by brother Ewald Radcke in 1761-1785. This family had Šilutė manor house in their hands for almost 150 years. The area of the manor had increased from several tens to several hundreds of hectares.

Since 1785 manor house was managed by widow‘s Charlottes Radke (g. Potschke) second husband Carl Heinrich Beyer, who rented it for his stepson Wilhelm Franz Radke in 1804. He bought this manor house for almost 37 thousand thalers in 1819 and acquired the full ownership of it. Prussian estates have become redundant in 1808-1818 m., so it was decided to sell it out. New owner, instead of Russians burned and then again restored manor house in 1757, built a new manor house in 1818. Šilutė manor house was one of the biggest in the region (1460 ha) at that time.

Eduard Richard (1803-1863) took over the manor house in 1835, which bequeathed to his wife Frederika von Trentova (1821-1880). After her death, her son Eduard Radke (1863-1904) inherited it. He sold it to Lėbartai landlord H. Šojus for nearly 540 thousand marks in 1889.

The new owner of Šilutė manor house, immediately taken to reorganize the property. He left 750 acres for the manor house, remaining land divided into plots and sold or rented it to others. As a result, he reduced it‘s maintenance costs and all revenues were used to repay loans and fix farm buildings. He arranged a park around the manor house and dig out three ponds. Thanks to Hugo Scheu, manor house became very attractive and representative in Šilutė city. After his death in 1937, manor house was inherited by his grandson Werner Scheu, who left it and moved to Germany in 1944 because of the war. Manor house suffered from Soviet army units in 1945, it was nationalized and became a subsidiary building of Šilutė district executive committee. Soviet farms ministry took over the manor house in 1948 and it was transmited to Kretinga agricultural school, which opened a gardening section there. It was agricultural school in 1953-1959, which arranged Soviet farm directors, farmers and zootechnicals. Agricultural technical school was located in Šilutė manor house in 1959-1985.

The manor house buildings were rebuilt and adapted to the needs of the school: classrooms and offices were equipped into main house; barn became boys hostel and former pigsty - girls hostel. Stables have been converted into sports hall, cowshed was equipped with classrooms, garage and a small room, the servants house became the library, etc.

Manor house is a building with simple forms of late classicism and historicism with blurred outlines and restrained style characteristic of Klaipėda region decor. The palace has two flores, with habitable shelter. Second floor windows are decorated with top sill and molding plane, surrounded by modest shelter ledge. Auditors plan - symmetrical, rectangular, median part - with the lobby and stairs. On one side of the lobby there are rooms on both sides of the corridor, on the other - two rows.

In the restored manor house area, currently there are situated: Šilutė Museum administration, tourist information center, a museum library and art works exhibition.


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