Lietuvininku st. 70, Silute

The hotel - restaurant  “Deims” is located in the center of Silute. Hotel, whose name comes from the owner‘s name (Hermann Deim), was established in 1870. However, hotel and café were purchased by Mr. Haupt in 1922. The fact that the new and subsequent owners did not change the name of the hotel shows that the previous owner had created a good and reliable image of the hotel and café. It is very likely that the building of the hotel was constructed at the beginning of the XX century. There is no detailed knowledge about the activity of the hotel and café during that time. It is believed that the café was operating on the ground floor, whereas the second floor was occupied by rented apartments. According to one of the advertisements of that time, there were 24 places (beds), central heating, and garages in the hotel. Several reliable sources indicate that riflemen’s union of Šilutė had a rifle-range in the garden of the hotel “Deims” until 1920. This rifle-range was eliminated, probably, due to the tighter requirements after 1920. The hotel was re-opened after the World War II. The old name “Deims Hotel” was changed to “Nemunas” and the café “Žibintas” was opened shortly. The reconstruction and the major repairs of the building were done after the war. The exterior of the building was changed a little; the main elements of the pre-war building were preserved.

The building of the hotel “Deims”, including 43 rooms and the facilities of the café, are newly reconstructed at present. The restaurant can seat up to 120 visitors. “Deims” is the only hotel in Šilutė which can accommodate up to 85 guests.


The restaurant – hotel “Deims” offers a culinary fish dish “Pike-perch with fried vegetables” for the touring route “Divyčio kelias“. This dish has been prepared specifically for this touring route; this dish is based on one of the most popular dishes among regular visitors “Pike-perch in the white wine sauce”. The owner of the restaurant consulted with experienced chefs and improved the dish; she has decided to make it more suitable for all the lovers of pike-perch. It is because it takes time to get used to the taste of the dish served with the white wine sauce; thus, not everyone might like it.

Pike-perch is prepared naturally and traditionally; it is seasoned with pepper, salt, and natural herbs, coated with breadcrumbs, and then cooked. “Pike-perch with fried vegetables” is served with potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, fried carrots, and herb sauce. The price of this dish is about 22 LTL (~6 EUR).


Address: Lietuvininkų st. 70, Silute

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