„The great thuja“ is impressive growth of the size thuja in Kintai town (located behind forestry building), which is a natural monument. Bigger thuja in Europe is known only in Switzerland. The height of Kintai thuja is 18 meters. There is unknown the exact year, when this tree was planted – this question remains unanswered. The oldest natives remember this tree as a “big one” and believes that it was planted in about 1902 – 1912, because forestry building was constructed at that time. It is impossible to determine the exact age of the thuja, because it has two strains and calculations shall be based on the number of annual rings of wood.

Hubertas Lindenau (son of Kintai forester) came to Kintai in 1995. He was asked about the age of famous thuja, and he claimed that this tree he remembers from his childhood, according him, the tree has seemed to be very high then. When Hubertas came back to Germany, he asked the same question of his mother, forester’s wife. She could not confirm, but hinted, that it could be a tree planted by her husband, when he just arrived to work in Kintai at 1927.

1973 m. išleistame dendrologijos vadovėlyje rašoma – „Kintų girininkijos ( Kv. 26) pasodėje auga labai įspūdinga dviliemenė didžioji tuja. Tuja yra 16 m. aukščio, kamieno skersmuo 1 m. aukštyje nuo žemės - 85 cm., o šakos sudaro  9 m. skersmens ratą ir siekia žemę“. Nuo 1986 m. tuja paskelbta gamtos paminklu.

Dendrology textbook (issued in 1973) says – “Very impressive and big thuja with two strains growths in Kintai forestry. Thuja is 16 m height, trunk diameter is 1 m from the ground - 85 cm, and branches are in 9 m diameter circle and reaches the ground”. Thuja is declared as a natural monument since 1986.

Thuja was measured once again in 2004. These measurements were initiated by Kintai forestry employees. In 2004, the tree was 18,2 m hight, trunk diameter seeked - 1,3 m the height of 1,02 m, crown diameter reached - about 10,5 m, branches touched the ground.

Every year Thuja has grown a few centimeters in height and width. 

Coordinates: 55°25'26.5"N 21°15'29.6"E