Fish smokehouse „Anita fish“

Fish smokehouse „Anita fish“
Skalvis st. 6, Rusne

Jurijus Belokopytovas smokehouse was named in honor of his wife, even though she did not want to agree, but many Rusne town and other places where they sell fish, used to call them in that way – „Anita fish“.

Jurijus lives in Rusne from his birth. He was first in Rusne island, who got national heritage certificate, which testifies that fish is smoked accordance with the ancient traditions of this area. From 2013, this smokehouse gained the right to use Nemunas Delta regional park brand, which says, that the product is made by local people.

Jurijus family has always been closely associated with fish - they were engaged in the manufacture of boats and fishing. Dad always loved to make fish, stoke the smokehouse and entertain guests with freshly smoked fish. Jurijus participated in the whole process from his young age.

Smokehouse activities became a business after the restoration of independence, when Rusne Soviet economy collapsed and it was necessary to work something. He remembers that at the time J. Baublys and his wife Joana smoked fishes especially tasty, in accordance with ancient recipes. They did it so skillfully that smoked fish was bought only at their place by current officials. Mr. J.Baublys shared key fish smoking secrets with Jurijus and his wife Anita.

Today Mr. J. Belokopytovas remembers that he needed to practice a lot in case to find out all fish smoking subtleties. At the beginning of this activity, fish cooked too much or did not smoke because of inadequate temperature. But now he does not have to use any thermometer, he can say imidiatly what degree is at the smokehouse.

Fish smoking is the source of livelihood for Mr. J. Belokopytovas, his wife, son and daughter in law. It is possible to purchase hot and cold smoked breams in their store. Likewise, there you can find smoked sea basses, smelts, eels and dried fish. All kind of fishes are also prepared in accordance with the ancient tradition of smoking in Rusne island. Master fishermen supplies fish to „Anita fish“ smokehouse.


Address: Skalviu st. 6, Rusne

Tel. No. +37068736917