Baznycios st. 1, Sveksna

Current Sveksna church is the fourth one - the firstburned down, the second andthe thirdwere destroyed. Czar government did not let to build a new church for a long time. But assistant of the Bishop sanctified the cornerstone of the new church at the Holy Trinity Feast (the 4th of June, 1900). Since the new church had to b etwice as high, the cornerstone was brickednearthe oldones. As a result, new construction of the church was symbolically started. 

Farmers carried rocks, gravel, lime, timber andfirewood for brickburning, as well as other building materials from Klaipėda and Liepoja. All parishioner sworked very willingly. Bricksand other materials were carried to the top, onthe backs with special stretchers.

The architect of this church was Karlas Eduardas Strandmanas. Constructionengineer – Anzelis from Riga, who came to lead after the completionof Josvainiai church. Majormasterswere also foreigners, but the workers were locals.Foreigners could no tcommunicate with local laborers, as a result, construction was not very easy.

Church was decorated by artist Rovė; it is believed that he was a Germanfrom Klaipeda. Hemade two wooden altars intransversenave-the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Simon Judah. Later, the pastor invited sculptor Vincentas Jakševičius to Sveksna townand entrustedhimto buildaltars,sacreds culptures, decorative items.V. Jakševičius builttwoaltars: St. Anthony and the Passionof Christ in 1909. There are three others maller altars: Saint Francis, St. Johnthe Baptist and Holy Hear to Jesus. Babies are baptized near the St. Johnthe Baptistaltar.

The church's interior has been decorated and in the last decades, when pastor Petras Stukas was in charge. Churchlamps were processed in 1981, whole Church was decorated in 1985, news tained glas swindows were placed from 1986 to 1990. The autho rof these stained glasses - Zenonas Vaičekonis.

The church is famous for its 24 voices organ,which was built by organmaster Bruno Gobelfrom Karaliaučius in 1907.

The church looks magnificent from the outside - it impresses by abutments and towers, which are supporting the sky. Clock with fourdials were equipped in one of the tower at 1912. It was a present from graph Jurgis Pliateris.

Church yard is circled by neo-gothic style transparent masonry, where are massive brick pillars in every 8 meters-towers with niches. There are Stations of the Cross and statues of saints inside them.

Address: Baznycios st. 1, Sveksna