Kroku Lankos st. 33, Minija

Café “Mingės Egzotika“ is situated on the bank of the river Minija. It is the only café in Minija (Mingė) village, which is also known as Lithuanian Venice. This café is just called “Egzotika” (Exotic) by local people. “Mingės Egzotika” is located on the left bank of the river; thus, if people come from the other side of the village, they can reach it in two ways: via land route, which is extended around the village, or straight via water route. The houses of the village, which are situated on both sides of Minija, face the river and there are piers for boats or other transport next to each yard. Brick and wooden buildings, which were typical for Lithuanian Minor, were built in the XIX – XX centuries; however, none of them survived. According to the owner of the café “Mingės Egzotika”, the homestead of a successful farmer was situated in the current place of the café before the World War II. There was a farm building, a wind-driven sawmill, and stables there. The farm burnt after the war and became a deserted place. As S. Petrošius tells, it was a difficult time after the regaining of Independence; he did not have a serious job; thus, he decided to establish a countryside farmstead in 1996. S. Petrošius acquired the abandoned plot for 120 LTL.

“Mingės Egzotika” provides such services as catering, accommodation, and water attractions. During the warm season (from the 15th of May to the 15th of September) the farmstead and café are open every day; however, it is open on weekends during the remaining months only.


Café “Egzotika” offers a fish dish “Pancakes of pike-perch fish” for the touring route “Divyčio kelias”. The owner of the café Stasys Petrošius says that he decided to prepare the majority of the dishes from pike-perch when he opened the café. Many people come to eat such dishes as “The steak of pike-perch” and “Pancakes of pike-perch fish”. If it turns out that it is impossible to make them (it happens very rarely), they leave with an empty stomach. The owner claims that all the dishes are made from the best and most expensive fish of the Curonian Lagoon. “Pancakes of pike-perch fish” are made from pike-perch; this fish is valued for its good taste. “This recipe has been created on the basis of the well-known traditional recipe of meat roasts. Meat has been changed to fish because “Mingės Egzotika” is situated next to the water”, - says the cook of the café. Fresh fish is bought from local fisherman. The price of the small portion is 9 LTL (~3 EUR) whereas large one costs 13 LTL (~4 EUR).


Address: Kroku lankos st. 33, Minija

Tel. No.: +37068666600