Kursiu st. 8, Kintai

Café “Kuršiai” is located in the center of Kintai, the former building of Kintai bank and pharmacy. It was opened 6 years ago and was named after the historical tribe called the Kurs (Kuršiai) which was living in the region since the XIII century. Café “Kuršiai” is the only café in Kintai, which is famous for its traditional fish dishes. The founder of the café says that the menu was changed several times until it became as it is today. The existing dishes tend to be improved and new dishes are included in the menu sometimes; however, if any of them had to be removed, the hostess would not even image which one to choose because many visitors have their favorite dishes and they would definitely miss them.


The hostess prepares dishes from the early morning to the late evening herself; she has heard the improved versions of recipes from local people.The founder tells that a German woman Erika visited café in the past; she did not leave Kintai during the post-war period, so decided to stay in town. She was together with friends from Germany. One visitor wanted to taste potato pancakes. Unfortunately, the dish was not included in the menu; however, hostess Loreta had no trouble and made what the guest asked. The German woman thanked the hostess and invited her to talk and share the memories of the old recipes that were used by the wives of the fishermen to prepare fish. According to Loreta, some fish dishes can be tasted only in the café “Kuršiai” because she has improved the old recipes herself.

Café “Kuršiai“ offers a fish dish “Potato-crusted fish” for the touring route “Divyčio kelias“. Loreta says that people did not eat meat frequently; they prepared dishes from fish and potatoes, which are considered region-specific products, in order to diversify their daily diet. Housewives selected the best pieces of fish, covered them with potatoes that were grated with a coarse grater, and then cooked a dish similar to the flat potato dish (Kugelis) with fish. Loreta has improved this recipe and named it “Potato-crusted fish”. It is served with cream and mushroom sauce. The price of the dish is 17 LTL (~5 EUR)



Address: Kintai, Kuršių g. 8

Tel. No. +370 611 58543


Working hours: I-IV 10.00 a.m -23.00 p.m, V-VII 10.00 a.m. -24.00 a.m.