Café – bar “Viesulas”
Vilkeno st. 8, Sveksna

Café – bar “Viesulas” is located in Sveksna town, next to the spectacular park where “Genowaites” villa stands. It has an impressive history and environment. A small pond can be seen from the terrace of the café – bar; there is the statue of the hunting goddess Diana in the middle of it.

Café – bar “Viesulas” occupies the former dairy building, which was built at the beginning of the last century, next to the one of the most beautiful parks in Lithuania. It was established in the middle of the XIX century by the counts Pliateriai. P. Paulauskas, who was the chairman of the milk processing company of Gargzdai, bought the land lot from Pliateriai in 1928. He gathered together a dozen of advanced farmers and opened a milk processing company. An artesian borehole of 35 meters depth was drilled and lemonade called seltzer was made there. During the Soviet period, there was a canteen and a bakery that was located in the annex; the bakery was famous for its pies. There was an ice cream parlor on the second floor. Beerhouse “Storuliai” replaced the ice cream parlor when Lithuania regained its independence. Café – bar “Viesulas” was opened in 1995.

The environment of the café – bar “Viesulas” is pretty, there are swings, climbing facilities for children, and a small parking lot. There are two halls, which can seat up 100 people, in the bar; up to 30 people can sleep there as well. A pool table brightens dark winter evenings and visitors can enjoy the view from the terrace in the evenings of the warm season.


Café – bar “Viesulas” offers a cultural and culinary fish dish “A carp with peas” for the touring route “Divyčio kelias“.

Carp growing traditions were established in the XIX century. Ponds were digged for this matter. Fish was a popular food eaten by rich people; it supplemented the daily diet, which mostly consisted of meat and cereal. People that belonged to higher caste did not eat potatoes – it was a matter of social status. Potatoes were considered a food of peasants. Carp is a symbol of wealth and welfare; thus, it is the one that has to be on the table.

According to the traditions of counts, carp is served with peas, but not with potatoes. The dish “A carp with peas” is made from a fresh carp, which is marinated with salt, pepper, and natural herbs as in the old times. Peas are served with bacon and onions. The price of this dish is about 13 LTL (~4 EUR).

Nowadays, visitors can still see huge carps in the pond near the café – bar “Viesulas”. “During the summer season, they come to the surface of the water and look like huge whales” - says the owner of the café – bar Aušra.


Address: Vilkėno st. 8, Sveksna
Tel. No.: +370 699 12 248, +370 650 14 821
Working hours: I-V 11.00 a.m – 22.00 p.m, VI-VII 11.00 a.m – 00.00 a.m