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Skalvis st. 6, Rusne

Jurijus Belokopytovas smokehouse was named in honor of his wife, even though she did not want to agree, but many Rusne town and other places where they sell fish, used to call them in that way – „Anita fish“.

Jurijus lives in Rusne from... Read more

Mariu st. 7, Vente village

“Ventainė” is located on the shore of the Curonian Lagoon, the peninsula of Vente Cape. Tourists can find a restaurant, 27 rooms, 10 cabins, a camping, and a sauna complex there. In addition, they can take a boat trip in the Curonian Lagoon,... Read more


Ventė Cape ornithological station is located in Vente Cape (also known as Ventė Horn). It is a small peninsula in the eastern shore of the Curonian Lagoon. One of the biggest bird migration routes passes through Ventė Cape. Sometimes even 100-200... Read more


There are seven lighthouses in Lithuania. First lighthouses were built in the XVIII – XIX centuries near the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon. Vente Cape lighthouse is included in the registry of Lithuanian cultural heritage. It has historical... Read more

Kroku Lankos st. 33, Minija

Café “Mingės Egzotika“ is situated on the bank of the river Minija. It is the only café in Minija (Mingė) village, which is also known as Lithuanian Venice. This café is just called “Egzotika” (Exotic) by local people. “Mingės Egzotika”... Read more

Koplycios st., Inkakliai

Inkakliai Lourdes story is really interesting, though some time has passed, and many things have been forgotten, as a result, it is quite difficult to find out the real circumstances of its construction. There have been left several versions of... Read more


Minija (Minge) village because of its beautiful and unique landscape is also known as the Venice of Lithuania. This is the only one - street village, which main street is river. Exclusive and unique Lithuanian village is located in the Nemunas... Read more

Baznycios st. 9A, Sveksna

Sveksna primary school teachers were discussing about the establishment of the museum in 1921. Teacher A. Klumbys advised to start collectingexhibits. It was decided to ask for the graph Pliateris to transfer old Lithuanian grammarto the museum.... Read more

Lietuvininku st. 70, Silute

The hotel - restaurant  “Deims” is located in the center of Silute. Hotel, whose name comes from the owner‘s name (Hermann Deim), was established in 1870. However, hotel and café were purchased by Mr. Haupt in 1922. The fact that the new and... Read more

Lietuvininku st. 36, Silute

The great cultural, historical, fishing, and culinary heritage is exhibited in Silute museum.

Beautifully decorated furniture, which was made by professional Lithuanian craftsmen and which have some features of the Baroque style can be... Read more

Lietuvininku st. 4, Silute

Šilutė manor house was founded in 1721, when administrative reforms were in Prussia. The great Klaipėda parish was divided into smaller parishes at that time and state - owned manor houses were set up, including Šilutė city.

Šilutė manor... Read more

Parko st. 4, Sveksna

Sveksna Manor complex is located near a small river Sveksnale in Silute district, Sveksna sub district. Manor house is in a center of Sveksna town, near neo – gothic church of St. Jacob. This church and Manor house are combined by a unique two... Read more

Uosto st. 9, Silute

Silutė small ships harbor (Marina) is located at the western part of the Silutė city, 5 km away from Sysa river and 13 km away from Curonian Lagoon. You can easily reach Nemunas Delta Rivers, Curonian Lagoon... Read more

Baznycios st. 1, Sveksna

Current Sveksna church is the fourth one - the firstburned down, the second andthe thirdwere destroyed. Czar government did not let to build a new church for a long time. But assistant of the Bishop sanctified the cornerstone of the new church at... Read more

Nemuno st. Rusne

It was considered to start bridge construction through Atmata river at 1892 but it was started at 1912. Thanks to the construction of the bridge, the electric was built in Rusne town and people gained electricity. In 1914 September 1st, a formal... Read more

Silutes st 13/ Nemuno st.. 1, Rusne

Restaurant “Prie Peterso tilto” (Next to the Peterson’s bridge) is located in the historical old post office of Rusne. The river Atmata, the torch of the famous Peterson bridge and its remnants as well as the observation tower can be... Read more

Skirvyteles st. 8, Rusne

Kazimieras Banys is the founder of the ethnographic fisherman’s homestead - museum. It was established in 1997 as a typical homestead of the farmer – fisherman. There are many old and no longer used items there: fishing equipment and household... Read more

Vilkeno st. 8, Sveksna

Café – bar “Viesulas” is located in Sveksna town, next to the spectacular park where “Genowaites” villa stands. It has an impressive history and environment. A small pond can be seen from the terrace of the café – bar; there is the statue of the... Read more


„The great thuja“ is impressive growth of the size thuja in Kintai town (located behind forestry building), which is a natural monument. Bigger thuja in Europe is known only in Switzerland. The height of Kintai thuja is 18 meters. There is... Read more

Kursiai st. 22, Kintai

Lithuanian government have completed to restore (in 1993) Kintai parish elementary school, which was built in 1705. Vydūnas lived and worked as a teacher there from 1888 till 1892.

In accordance of writer‘s birthday, there was established... Read more

Kursiu st. 8, Kintai

Café “Kuršiai” is located in the center of Kintai, the former building of Kintai bank and pharmacy. It was opened 6 years ago and was named after the historical tribe called the Kurs (Kuršiai) which was living in the region... Read more

Povilu st. 11, Kintai

UAB “Kintai” was founded in the Nemuno delta regional park in 1922. This tourism complex is surrounded by water: there is a river Minija on one side and large ponds on the other. The company owns 600 ha of production area where such fishes as... Read more

Uostadvario st., Rusne

Uostadvaris – a small village in Silute district municipality, located in Rusne Island, at the left side of river Atmata, nearly 8 miles away to the north-west of Rusne town. Uostadvaris is a part of the... Read more


A small observation tower is located next to Uostadvaris lighthouse, Nemuno delta regional park. It exposes the spectacular panorama of nature. Even though the observation tower is situated not far away from Uostadvaris lighthouse, which is... Read more

Virkytai Village 1

The winery of Česlovas Ramoška is the first winery in Lithuania which has received the status of national heritage for the wines it produces. It means that this family winery makes wines using traditional technologies, traditional raw materials,... Read more