Skirvytelesstr. 8, Rusne

Kazimieras Banys is the founder of the ethnographic fisherman’s homestead - museum. It was established in 1997 as a typical homestead of the farmer – fisherman. There are many old and no longer used items there: fishing equipment and household goods, furniture, working tools, clothes, etc. The homestead is more than 200 years old.

Visitors of the ethnographic homestead – museum can familiarize with the daily life of the residents of Rusnė there. There is an authentic theatre in the barn and many household goods, which were very important for every family, in the third building. According to the owner of the homestead K. Banys, 70 percent of the exhibits were found in the homestead, 20 percent of them were bought, and 10 percent were donated by guests and people living in Rusnė.

Various events, performances, concerts, educational programs, and other interesting gatherings are organized in the barn theatre nowadays. The items and furniture of the last owner Marta Druskutė are still present in the main building. Even though the homestead has been restored, it is still authentic. The ceilings of the homestead are very impressive because ornaments cover them in almost all the rooms; it is a traditional decor of Rusnė village. The furniture is authentic and arranged in a particular order, which creates a feeling that people live there. The are such items as a table with a cloth on it and different chairs, a personal bed with bedspreads, beds for guests, a baby basket, an old weaving machine, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, paintings, and even a kitchen with such utensils as butter dish with beautiful ornaments, coffee pot, coffee mill, and other kitchen equipment. Items that can be used in various real life situations are placed in the third building: money of Rusnė, skates, beehives made of straw, a tool that helps to take off the boots (ožiukas), a tub (woman washed herself first, then – man, and finally children), ice saws, hemp ropes, a linen scutcher (a tool to separate fibre), curved ax, plowshare, and many other interesting items that cannot be seen anywhere else.

The visit has to be arranged in advance in order to come to this ethnographic farmstead. Then, a guide will provide more information about Rusnė, different homesteads, the history of culture and fishing, as well as exhibits.

Various educational programs for children and adults are organized in the ethnographic farmstead. Large groups (~15 people) have an opportunity to taste fish soup after the excursion in the homestead. The soup has to be ordered in advance.


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